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This week, I had the nostalgic pleasure of listening to The Damselles & The TC4’s first self-titled EP. I love this album. Not only is the album pressed on PINK VINYL, not only does the album have AMAZING artwork, but the music is killer. There’s something about The Damselles & The TC4 that immediately transports you back to your childhood. As the songs unfold you find yourself reliving every elementary school morning, driving to school, listening to the oldies station. And even if you took the bus to school, there’s no way this band won’t put a smile on your face.

And sure, the vocal stylings of The Damselles can certainly hold their own. Their harmonies are impeccable and there is a sweet innocence to the blending of all three of their voices.
But in my opinion, the real magic of this band’s sound comes from the ladies’ backing band: The TC4.
Though they’ve had a variety of members over the last 3 years, their sound has remained strong, and like a good wine, has only gotten better with age.

I finally tracked down all four of the TCs (Sean Johnson: drums, Adam Kurtz: guitar, Dave “Mustang” Lang: keys, Jake “Elisha” Maltinsky: bass) this Saturday at Weiland Brewery where they were enjoying a Saturday afternoon happy hour. After a few IPA’s, Ambers, Dark & Stormys, and many drawings on the table, they had this to say.

ADAM (A)    DAVE (D)     SEAN (S)   JAKE (J)   MICHAEL (M)

So do you guys wanna do this interview?
A; Well ask us some questions. Isn’t that how interviews work?

Well, the question I think that everyone wants answered once and for all is, what does the TC4 stand for?
A: Well it’s not an objective acronym. It’s more about how you feel.
J: It stands for Think Clearly. No I wanna change my answer. Think Cloudy.
D: TC4 stands for World Peace.
S: Terry cloth. I think.

How did you guys meet?
A: Seriously? What a stupid question.
S: I still don’t know the new guitar player’s name.
D: We were in the wrong place at the right time.
J: Hold on Kelsey is calling me.
(Jake leaves the table and TC4 friend, Michael Guerena takes over answering for Jake)

What’s it like to play in a band with 3 female lead singers?
S: An absolute nightmare.
D: I’ve never been in a band so in touch with the moon.
A: All I can say is, it’s always that time of the month somewhere.
M: I’m not actually in the band.

So let’s get to know the TC4 a little better. What’s your favorite drink?
D: Can I just say what I don’t like? I don’t like gin or Belgian beer.
S: You don’t like Hoegartens?
D: No. They taste like baby shit and liver. I don’t like liver.
A: How much baby shit have you tasted? I like 18 packs of warm Tecate. It has to be warm, dot dot dot. Did you write down those dots? Make sure you write down the dots.
S: Michael likes soda.
D: (singing loudly) And if you like to drink some soda then let me hear say coca cola!
S: That’s the best loud outburst I’ve ever heard.
D: De La Sol dude. That song is awesome.

This one’s for the Teen Beat crowd. What’s your favorite color?
D: Blue. Think blue.
S: Is black still considered a neutral color?
A: Yellow. No blue. No yellow. Blue.
M: Blood Red!

Do you guys have any hobbies besides playing music?
D: Shit shooting.
A: I am a compulsive gambler.
S: You mean besides collecting Freddy Krueger Memorabilia?
M: Masturbating. No don’t write that down.

When dining, do you pick Salt or Pepper?
M: Mix them together.
D: Oh, yes please. Salt and pepper travel together. That’s how they taught us it was at summer camp.
A: What was the question again?
(Jake returns from his phone call with girlfriend, Kelsey)

So I know you probably have your hands full playing with The Damselles but do you have any side projects we should know about?
D: YES! Steely Pan. It’s a pan flute and steel drum tribute ensemble. And it’s gonna be awesome.
J: Babylon Pink!
A: I’m in a one man Damselles & TC4 tribute band called No Dams & only ONE TC4.
S: Besides Babylon Pink?
A: Wait what’s Babylon Pink?
S: It’s me and Jake playing stuff on microkorgs.
J: But based on pictures of sunsets.
S: Let me tell you about Babylon Pink’s first show. Jake and I played at the Knitting Factory for a Hawkwind tribute concert. And they found us - we didn’t find them or try to play the show. And afterwards the dude that booked it came up to us and was like “Hey you guys have your own thing going on but I thought it really captured the Hawkwind style.” It was ridiculous.
A: We should start a microkorg band.
D: We did. We plugged Jake’s into a van and recorded a bunch of shit on the way to Joshua Tree when we were on our way to play a wedding.
S: Everyone played a part. We called it Damselles & The TC4 Conquer The Martians. You can hear it on soundcloud.
A: I don’t like hearing about things you guys did before I was in this band.
J: Hey can you guys stop - I want to elaborate on some of the other answers I gave in the interview so far.

So, for all the ladies out there, you’re a handsome bunch. Are you guys taken?
D: I am available.
A; I’m available for the right price.
S: Depends on who’s asking.
J: Yes. And now she’s 21. Hold on Kelsey is calling me.

Can we expect to hear any TC4 albums minus The Damselles any time soon?
All: YES!!!!!
A: Peanut Grooves, that’s what it’s called right?
D: No, Peanut Butter Grooves.
S: Two volumes. Chunky and Smooth
J: What are you guys talking about?
D: I already have the art work figured out. It’s a big piece of celery covered in peanut butter and there are pictures of the four of us as the raisins on top.

Well, thanks guys, this has been a lot of fun!
A: Are you buying our next round of drinks?
D: I think everyone should switch seats so that the people at this table who want to watch the Dodger game can actually see the TV.

The Damselles & The TC4 are playing THE ECHO this Friday night 4/15/11 for their record release party show.
Their EP is available for download at,, and Or you can order the vinyl copy (trust me it’s worth it!) from thedamsellescom.
You can also watch all videos for EVERY song on their album as well as live performances at
Drawings by The TC4, and guest, Michael.





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