Happy New Year!

Well it's a new year and with it comes new and exciting news from the Dams & T's!

We had a lovely holiday and we hope you all received our annual ridiculous video Christmas card! If not, here it is again!

And we're ringing in the new year by working on a new full-length album! 
We are happy to be back at work at the lovely Comp-NY recording studios in Burbank! We are pleased as punch to be working with Paul Smith and we can't wait until it's finished, but until then, here's some proof of the fun we had in the studio! 

After our long and strenuous days at the studio, we decided to wind down with a spontaneous and now famous dance, The Buffington Shuffle, created and taught to us by Mike (Buff Shuff) Escamillo, (ESKO). 
If you want to learn, just watch...

We also made some more progress with the Man Like You music video shoot which we will hopefully screen somewhere and have some sort of fun-tastic premiere event which we'll let you know about soon!

We are also very happy to announce some great shows coming up!

We are playing at the Soda Bar in San Diego on Sunday Jan 22nd 
with The Very & Stella Donna And The Ravens. 

Then on Feb 15th we'll be back in action at Harvard & Stone in Hollywood!

And finally on Feb 25th we'll be performing at the NEW Saguaro Hotel at the "Shake Your Groove Thang Party" as part of the 
2012 Palm Springs Modernism Week.    Buy your tickets HERE!

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